Monday, May 5, 2014

Make My Monday: A Tiny Cactus, Tiny Hamster, and More!

Ever get the Monday grumps? I totally do. Mondays are just THE WORST to me. Even if I'm having a good one, Monday somehow gets me down. But don't fret! I'm taking back Monday today! Today is not going to be about study study study--okay, yeah it will be, but I'm taking a break right now--it's going to be fun fun fun! Here's a roundup of some fun things to make your Monday brighter. :)

Frappy Hour is back at Starbucks! 
From 3pm-5pm, May 1st-10th, get half off all your favorite frappuccinos!

Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos. Because who wouldn't love that?!

Have you seen any of Blimey Cow's videos yet? They are all super cute and always put me in a better mood! Follow them on Facebook or over on YouTube to catch more of their great videos!

Fun, Time-Wasting Apps!
Triple Town: Android & iOS
Triple Town is an insanely addictive puzzle game where you must combine elements like bushes and gravestones to grow your town as big as you possibly can! 

Angry Birds Star Wars II: Android & iOS
May the 4th be with you! Revenge of the 5th! See what I did there? ;) An expansion of the ever-popular and fun game, Angry Birds! Will YOU join the "pork side"?

Frozen Free Fall: Android & iOS
Who didn't love at least one aspect of Frozen? It was SO cute! Frozen puts there spin on a classic match-3 game for more ways to enjoy everyone's new favorite movie!

I hope these things made your day a little brighter!
I leave you with a tiny cactus to motivate you through your week!

Have you found anything across the world wide interwebs that you found fun? Share it with me here in the comments below, and I'll feature it another Monday! :)

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