Friday, May 30, 2014

Dear Pinterest...

Are you a Pin-aholic like me? Are there features of Pinterest that you love and features that you'd like to see? Well, I'm kind of making this a fun, unofficial letter to Pinterest developers to list the things I'd like to see done to Pinterest in the future. In the comments, tell me, and Pinterest, what YOU would like to see done, and I'll create a new post including them.

Also, if you haven't followed me yet, here's a link to my Pinterest profile! I've pinned lots of great stuff, so follow me to not miss out on anything, and browse through my many many boards for kicks and giggles. :)

Dear Pinterest, I love you. You give me so much inspiration by gathering so many beautiful and interesting things in one place. You have come so far since I first started using you in 2011-2012, but there are a few things I'd like to see done in the future. Here are a few suggestions if you need some inspiration:

A "select" and "drag and drop" feature to organize boards. For instance, you can open your folders on your computer and select multiple things, then drag them and move them all to a new location. Sometimes I want to create a new board based on a sub-category I see emerge on one of my boards and editing and moving all the pins/repinning and deleting the pins one at a time is really time consuming.

A way to move pins on the boards. We can organize the order of our boards in our profile, but not the pins on the boards. Perhaps that would be under the same category as the above suggestion. As of now, I'd have to pin everything in the exact order I want it in to have it organized, and honestly, that's a lot of work. Call me picky, but I think it'd be a nice feature to add, especially for those of us who like to feature certain pins at the very top of our board.

Specific identification of the specific boards I follow. I wish that when I followed a specific board of a person, not follow every board, it would tell me the board I followed and not just the person. It would make it easier for me to go back to a specific board I want. Because it just shows the person whose board it is, I currently have to click through people and then look through all their boards to find the specific one/s I followed. I suppose I could try "Search", which sometimes helps, but I may not remember the name enough to type it in (or some people have abstract names for boards that I may not think of), and why follow a specific board if I can't go directly back to it?

A way to see which of my pins was pinned the most. A girl likes to see which pins are being pinned the most to see what kind of content she wants to cover in her blog and/or pin for her own inspiration! A quick way to see the pins that were most pinned would be very nice. (Not the "popular" pins, the ones I personally have pinned. And not MY content, but the content of others' that I've pinned. If you want to count how many times your specific blog/content has been pinned, go HERE)

Search suggestions. I'm sure you're in the midst of adding it soon, but I LOVE the search feature you've added to the Android mobile app (I don't know if it's on iOS or not...) and would like to see it via computer, too! I love how I can type in words and you add more suggestions!

Quick Pick feature. Again, a feature from the mobile app that I love and that I'd like to see for computer is the "Quick Pick" feature. When you pin something, it gives you the most recent three boards for you to choose from to pin it to. I love this feature on mobile so I don't have to scroll through my boards (85 of them!) to find the board I want.

Now, I know you are all hard at work at Pinterest and that the suggestions I have may be difficult to do, but there's no harm in throwing my ideas out there. ;) Thanks Pinterest peeps for all you've done to inspire everyone and keep up the good work! :)

Don't forget to leave YOUR Pinterest suggestions down in the comment section! I want to hear what YOU have to say!

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