Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Nautical Boy Baby Shower

Last Saturday, my aunt Mary Lou (she's basically my mom, too), mom, and mother-in-law, Eva, threw me the cutest nautical-themed shower! My aunt, when coming up with inspiration for the shower, looked through my Pinterest boards and asked about how I wanted the nursery to look and because navy is going to be a big color, she thought the nautical theme was perfect for the occasion. She had used Pinterest prior to this endeavor, but she definitely went "overboard" (pun intended) looking at all the adorable nautical ideas with my mom. They said it was hard to narrow down all the cute things they saw. Here are the adorable things they put together for me.

My mom, the activities director that she is, was put in charge of games. There was a bag at every place on the table with everything needed for the games inside (bingo card, word search, yarn to guess how big my belly was around, a pen, and paper) as well as paper to write a message passing on motherly words of wisdom. Then, the messages were put into the recycled Starbucks Frappucino bottles. How adorable did they turn out with the twine, anchor, and sand in them? I also LOVE the ducks swimming in the crepe-paper water.

Both my aunt and my uncle tag-teamed the bunting. They used a thick canvas type fabric and painted on the patterns, glued on letters, and attached wooden anchors to the ends. They made it look awesome enough that I can hang it in the nursery! (Haven't decided exactly where I want the crib yet though, so it's not hung yet >_< )

The sailboat jello cups my mom made were delicious! I really don't know a "blue-flavored" anything that I didn't like. ;) They were pretty simple to make with just some appetizer sticks, a sail made out of foam, and a little orange candy. I highly recommend this for a nautical shower, it was a snack that doubled as decor!

Bottled waters were wrapped in the cutest duct tape I've ever seen! 
{I've got the link below, if you're interested in purchasing it!} 

These cookies were semi-labor intensive; my mother-in-law and I worked on these together. They were just Oreo cookies dipped in white chocolate on one side and then blue white chocolate on the other. We then used little tubes of frosting to decorate them with anchors, wheels, words, and other simple designs. They were so yummy!

Goldfish and Lifesavers! We also served potato chips, I thought about it too late, but I wanted to add a little sign that said "Fish n Chips". Lol. ;)

We have an amazing bakery in town, Kiedrowski's, that my mom in law ordered the cake from. They did a beautiful job!

My poor uncle was given the task of melon-balling a whole watermelon and then cutting it out to look like a boat. He even created the sail and named our fruit-boat the S.S. Lincoln, my son's name! How adorable is that?

My aunt brought a onesie that matched everything perfectly in addition to a little toy duck. We then added the baby pics of my hubby and I. Our kid is going to be SO cute if I do say so myself. ;)

This shower had so much work go into it, I am so thankful for my moms for putting it all together to be showered with blessings. It was truly a group effort using all the strengths of my moms put together; my aunt's creativity, my mom's recreation background, and my MIL's awesome cooking skills. I'm also incredibly thankful for the family and friends who came together to give so generously gifts and love to our expanding little family.

I hope you got some cute ideas from these pics. What is your favorite idea? Tell me in the comments below! :)

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