Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday's Are Our Saturdays

People who aren't hired in ministry tend to not realize how pastors and other ministry positions don't actually have weekends off like most 9-5 type jobs. In addition to the office hours, visiting hours,  and programs during the week, Sunday is usually considered a work day. It is not at all a day of rest. Many churches don't do anything on Sunday nights,  but our church and many other Baptist churches like us do a Sunday night service and small groups.

And not only  are Sundays taken up,  but for youth pastors, because youth events do a lot worth overt nights and late-night activities,  we have a lot of Friday and Saturday events as well. Since Sunday is a work day for pastors at our church,  they get to choose one day they'd like their day off to be; the head pastor likes to take his on Fridays usually, to give himself a long weekend. My husband on the other hand,  because of the youth events mentioned above, like's to take his day off on Monday.

It is actually much more restful than taking a Friday or a Saturday. There aren't any kind of events going on on Mondays, especially during the day, no one calls you up to do things because most people are working, and after having a usually event-filled weekend it's nice to know you don't have to worry about anything the next day like you do with a Saturday night with church the next morning. For a while I had school or work, but now that I've graduated and I'm currently a stay at home mom, we get to spend most of the day together.

Our Mondays typically look like this:
-wake up whenever we want
-between noon and 3 wet usually eat some kind of brunch or lunch
-chill in the living room, watching TV, video games,  etc. throughout the day
-MAYBE some sort of an errand thrown in there that we do together
And that's it. Monday is a glorious rest day for my hubby and I.
...I'm gonna get back to resting now, actually. Lol. :)

Are you a person who is hired in ministry? Are you not? Can you relate? What is your actual rest day? Let me know in the comments!

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