Monday, May 25, 2015

Three Super Cute Baby Shower Ideas - Free Printable Game!

Since I had a church baby shower in April and now I have a family baby shower coming up at the beginning of June, I keep thinking about all the cute shower ideas I've seen and pinned on Pinterest. Here are three of my favorite ideas that I've personally used when throwing showers that got very positive reactions. 

Giant Bow Gift Wrap

I saw this idea on Oh Happy Day! and LOVED it for wrapping the Boba Carrier one shower because the box was semi-small and skinny. It was an expensive gift, but underwhelming to unwrap on it's own. This is a more creative presentation than just wrapping it traditionally or putting it in a gift bag! I used a green and blue striped to make it look like a bow-tie for the boy gift , but it could easily look like a girly bow, too, with a change of paper. 

"From Our Shower to Yours" Prizes

"From our shower to yours" baby shower prize   ||

One thing I loved about this idea from thelittledabbler for prizes was it could be as easy on your wallet as you wanted to be. You could easily get a bunch of bath and body products at the dollar store or even go more lavish with some Bath & Body Works products. I love that this is both a practical and lovely prize that can be personalized in many ways.

Rock-A-Bye Baby Shower Game

This game is great for not only an audience of women, but also for a co-ed group. I tried coming up with a list of songs which a wide variety of ages could identify by song and artist because I was accommodating from the teen to the elderly and both men and women. I came up with this mix of songs to include classics and newer songs as well as songs where you could try guessing the title just based on the lyrics, all having to do with kids or songs from artists to their children. You can choose any songs you want, butI created this free printable and answer sheet for your use along with the playlist I used. Click here for the playlist I made on YouTube. I awarded one point each for the title and/or artist; whoever got the highest score won a prize!

I hope these ideas spark your imagination! What was the best idea you've ever seen/used at a shower? How about your favorite game? Tell me in the comments below. :)

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